Simply Seamless Safety Presentations

Simply Seamless Safety
What Managers can do to Positively Influence the Organization
After years of experience in a high-risk environment and significant research in the area of organizational safety culture, Dr. Deb presents this hard-hitting, eye-opening program designed with executives, managers, and leaders in mind. If you want to know why traditional approaches to safety don't work, why following safety regulations will not result in zero injuries, and how to significantly and positively influence the safety culture, then this program is for you.

Safety Incentives:  Smoke and Mirrors
In this controversial presentation, Dr. Deb Potter will challenge the conventional wisdom about safety incentive programs and show you why they do not work.  You'll learn why they dont work, why they are used by executives and managers as an alternative to their own deep involvement in the safety management process, and why they fail to motivate employees to work safely.  You'll leave with some ideas about what it takes to instill a culture where safety is on the top of employees minds so that every one goes home every day without injury.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Safety Interventions
How many times has your organization thrown interventions at the workers to improve safety? How do you know if the interventions work or not? In this workshop you will learn how to plan safety interventions so you'll know what results you're getting. Learn about how to assess your organization's interventions so you know what works and what doesn't. You'll learn lessons from a Fortune 500 company that used OSHA's Voluntary Protection Program to self-evaluate their safety management program to achieve phenomenal results.

This workshop is designed for human resource professionals, safety professionals, operations managers, or anyone who is responsible for safety programs.

Available as a 90-minute breakout session or a half-day workshop.

Zero! Creating an Injury-Free Workplace
Presented with nationally-renowned speaker, Carl Potter, CSP, CMC

Far too often organizational leaders leave safety up to the safety department. A "safety first" organization is one in which every area of the organization understands their role and impact in providing a safe workplace. This program will challenge human resources, purchasing, engineering, operational professionals and managers, and virtually all leaders in an organization to take a hard look at what they do day-in and day-out to impact safety and to promote a safety culture in the organization. Pay attention to safety through an organization-wide focus on putting safety first on the minds of employees so every one can go home every day without injury.

Available in a variety of formats--workshop or breakout sessions.

Leadership:  When it Comes to Safety, What Gets Your Attention?
Presented with renowned speaker Carl Potter, CSP, CMC
All leaders struggle to balance productivity and safety in today's workplace.  Executives demand higher profits, management demands higher productivity, and workers want a workplace free of hazards so they can do their jobs safely and go home to their families without injury every day.  Learn why, when it comes to safety, some leaders focus on the process, some focus on the behavior, and others focus on the safety numbers? 

In this session Carl and Deb Potter will provide insight into four areas of leadership attention and how safety is impacted from each of these perspectives.  This presentation will benefit both leaders and employees.  Leaders will increase their personal awareness and others will better understand how to relate to the reaction of their leaders.  Everyone will leave with a greater understand of how to positively impact the workplace so every employee can go home every day without injury.

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